Professional Chiropractic
Vacation/Seminar Relief Services
Covering all of Washington State
13 years private practice experience
7 years locums experience
Personable, professional & proficient

"I just met one of the new patients you saw while I was away (the gal who served in Iraq) and she
went on for 5 minutes about how nice and great and effective you were!  She was glowing about
how you took care of her and has been singing MY praises at her work since.  As you may
know, she works as the office manager for a massage clinic around the corner and has heard
about us for years but not come over.  The therapists there know me because I send all my
Regence patients to them (since mine aren't on Regence) and they do a great job.  

Anyway, I want to thank you for what you did for her and for what you do for me while I am away.  
Regardless of what goes on here I do rest well knowing you and Kimberly are at the helm.  I
appreciate you both very much.  Thank you.

Barry G. DC
Whale Spine, Long Beach, WA
Beach view on Gili T, Lombok, Indonesia